Monday, May 25, 2009

Cascade 515 Black Red Outdoor Compact Square Soft Gadget Digital DSLR Camera Camcorder Bags Cases

Interior Dimensions H- 5.25 x D- 4 x W- 7.75 inches (13 x 10 x 19.4 cm) The Cascade is a true hybrid. The Cascade comes with a U shaped padded lens cradle and an adjustable divider. The Cascade holds most sizes of camcorders or compact SLR cameras with up to a 4 inch lens attached and the grip facing up. The Cascade can also hold many medium sized digital camera with charger. The Cascade is an extremely well made, functional and user-friendly gadget camera bag and includes; two comfortable and dual adjustable shoulder straps for carrying the bag as a shoulder bag, backpack or tummy bag, without purchasing an additional harness system; a lens changing bag come weather jacket; a lens cloth and rubber bungee straps for carrying a small tri-pod, wind breaker jacket or umbrella below the bag. Increase the carrying capacity by attaching one of M-ROCK's modular bags the Ozark 505, Niagara 506, Rocky Mountain 507 & Mississippi 533 to both sides of the Cascade. Wear the Cascade as a comfortable fanny pack by attaching M-ROCK's Modular Belt # 530.
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